Men’s Toms Have Arrived!

TGIFThank God Im Fly! Hahahah You Guys Thought We Forgot About Y’all Abi?!Nope!Men’s Toms Have Arrieved on OMS!We Have Them In Stock And Ready To Ship Out Different Styles, It’s Sure to Appeal To A Wide VarietyI Personally Love Toms On Dudes, or Any Canvas For That MatterIt Speaks Volumes.. But That Might Just Be MeI Dig The Original Alot But Im Also Starting To EyeThe Other Styles TooWhile You’re There You Can Also Check Out Some, Converse “Chuck Taylor”Can’t Go Wrong With ThemThough They’re in Limited Sizes Right Now We’re Sure To Keep Stocking So Please Check Back FrequentlyRight Now We Dont Have A … Continue reading Men’s Toms Have Arrived!

2 Things Every Woman Needs To Survive Wearing Heels

1. Sole Stopperz for Slippery Shoes When your shoes get slippery, it definitely affects the “walk”. I was so mad that I forgot to put my sole stopperz on the bottom of my shoes and I went to a party. I kept praying till I managed to get to my seat without slipping and falling.      Foot Petals Sole Stopperz from in Nigeria for N3500 a pair 2. Foot Cushions / Killer Kuchions as Foot Petals refer to them   These things are heaven sent if your feet gets uncomfortable quickly and the bottom of your feet gets tender … Continue reading 2 Things Every Woman Needs To Survive Wearing Heels

A Must Have; Kiss Kouture Cuff Pumps!

Hi Guys!TGIF Right?!Now Y’all Know We Got Y’all When It Comes To Variety. Be It Shoes, Bags, Accessories,The Works. But Im Here To Tell You Guys About One Of My Personal FaveThe Pumps By The Brand Kiss Kouture Called ‘Nicole’ (Even The Name Is Aweeeesome!)I Call Them The ‘Cuff Pumps’I Mean I Am In Awe Of These Babies. They’re Unique Compared To Typical PumpsDue To The Gold Cuffs, Which Adds A Whole Another Level Of DopenessYet Theyre So Plain n Simple. As In When I Get Paid Im Heading Straight To GetMe A Pair! Oh And Btw If Any Of You Readers … Continue reading A Must Have; Kiss Kouture Cuff Pumps!

Oh Ma Points

Topic of discussion: oh ma points; whats that all about??? I know a lot of people have been wondering about em  Well “let me break it down so it can forever and consistently be broke” hehe All you guys that know the movie love jones, Pardon me as i borrowed that line from the movie Ohmapoints goes like this; For everytime you shop, every n50 you spend, you earn a point towards your next purchase. The point is the 10% (.10) For example; you buy this cute black choker chain necklace for  n5,000, you would earn 10 points towards your next … Continue reading Oh Ma Points

Your Retail Therapy Has Officially Arrived!

We At Oms Are Truly Excited To Welcome You Guys To The Website We Have Been Working So Hard On. Had Planned To Launch Some Months Back But Due To Some Glitches And Updates That Needed Fixing, We Pushed It Back. But Look No Further: Please Like Us On Facebook: Follow Us On The Twittersphere & IG: @Ohmashoes I Can Be Found Lurking On Twitter: @Missmusicjunkie On Ig: I_Geminizzz Let Us Know What You Think Of The Webby By Sounding Off Below! Peace + Chicken Grease! Continue reading Your Retail Therapy Has Officially Arrived!