Sneaker Wedges; Great Combo

Hello World!Its Tuesday, so you’re almost there, 3 more days til the weekend!Now I wasnt the biggest fan of these wedge sneakers but I must say they grew on me.I mean I love love sneakers but my brain just couldn’t understand the combo at first,but im starting to like them.I especially like these, I honestly think this pair was what changed my mind totally.I found these on IG. Pretty dope ish! Here are some of the ones we have in stock on our webbyAnd plenty more. Hit the link below  I especially like these with the pink & glitter. Its funky to me.Tell me … Continue reading Sneaker Wedges; Great Combo

Cap Toe Frenzy!

Its Friday!!!I am too overjoyed for the weekend to start tho!What do you guys think of these beauties???I love em!You guys already know how I feel, I love simplicity with a bit of sleekness.We have both flats and heels avail over at our webby: Check out some of the celebs caught rocking this latest cap toe trend! Kim Kardashian showing her nude color cap toe. Like em? Want em? We gotchu! Shopping!’t Forget To Like Us On Facebook Be Found In The Twitterspere n Instagram@ohmashoesMy Hawt Self Can be Found Lurkingon IG @I_GeminizzzIn Twittersphere @MissMusicJunkiePeace n Chicken Grease Lovers! Continue reading Cap Toe Frenzy!

Oh Ma Points!

Topic of discussion: oh ma points; whats that all about??? I know a lot of people have been wondering about em  Well “let me break it down so it can forever and consistently be broke” hehe All you guys that know the movie love jones, Pardon me as i borrowed that line from the movie Ohmapoints goes like this; For every time you shop, every N50 you spend, you earn a point towards your next purchase. The point is the 10% (.10)   For example; you buy a cute black choker chain necklace for N5,000, you would earn 10 points towards … Continue reading Oh Ma Points!

The Gladiator Sandals!

Happy Hump Day!The gladiator trend, lets talk about it.Im guessing everyone’s starting to feel their inner spartan hahah. Be it just plain sandals or with the heels, celebrities have been spotted rocking this seemingly new trend. From Rihanna to Ciara to Nikki Minaj to Kourtney Kardashian and others sporting the roman or greek style. Like what you see? Hit the link below to purchase yours! What do you guys think? Great trend to follow or just wait for it to fade? Happy Shopping!’t Forget To Like Us On Facebook Be Found In The Twitterspere n Instagram@ohmashoesMy Hawt Self Can be … Continue reading The Gladiator Sandals!

How She Wore it!

Happy Friday!!! So last week I talked about the transparent heels we had in stock. These: And so I went on the hunt for i guess normal people who wore it, Since I had shown celebs like Rihanna, Solange ETC. I found a chick that rocked the shoes pretty well with her outfit. It was simple yet so much steez. Her IG is @bucandy91. Shes wearing the lime green, which we also have in stock over at: So what do you guys think? Hit or miss? I personally think its a def hit! Here is another way of wearing the heels. … Continue reading How She Wore it!