Crocs & Comfort…

Speaking of comfort, I’m not sure you can anymore than Crocs. They have tried to diversify their styles to fit different looks; they have the point to flats, the strappy sandals, they even have wedge sandals. But in my opinion, they should just stick to the wide toe, slingback; they are uber-beyond-comfy. Im not sure I know anyone that has a different opinion. Doctors wear it. Moms wear it. Students wear it. Kids wear it. Everybody wears crocs 🙂

Yeap…men wear them too. Actually I think the men wear them more 🙂


One of those new styles of Crocs…but her handbag tho…lovely 🙂
Ok…this is clearly Crocs obsession…lol…creative tho
Point toe Crocs


Point toe Crocs
Crocs keeping up with Prince George or is it the other way round?



I like how she is rocking her Crocs too…

So whatcha waiting for? Get your pair while supply last. Click here –> Crocs


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