How do you break that sweat?

Some of what I like to do to break that necessary sweat:

  1. I try to jog on the lekki-ikoyi bridge at least twice round the bridge, non-stop, very early in the AM when there are less cars around. It used to be real tough but piece of cake now
  2. I pick a Sean T insanity video from time to time. This is one off youtube and you will pour out sweat. It is chaaaa-llen–ging;
  3. I can plank 2 and half minutes non-stop (yayyy…major accomplishment for me)
  4. Get random workouts from Pinterest, health board and work it all out
  5.  Make sure my playlist in on point with Beyonce’s Get bodied and New Editions Poison and Design’s Panda and Pink Please dont leave me and Ciara’s So What and Wizkid’s tracks (Any of it really)….and I can go on and on.
  6. And my most trusted sneakers; the insoles are so soft, I forget that I am running. Hahahahahahahah My sister hates them, she says they look funny; I know y…I lost weight and apparently lost feet size too so they look kinda big on me now.


Women's PUMA Osu Running Shoe ,Tradewinds/Aruba Blue,11 B US
Puma Running Shoes

7. O and I drink a whoooooole lot of water throughout the day

There is my list….whats yours?



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