5 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Shoes

Your big day is approaching and you’ve been thinking of the best wedding shoes to buy. You have browsed everywhere online to see different styles and probably found some selections you might be interested in, but there are things you should consider before buying your wedding shoes. Your Wedding Dress: You’d want to buy your wedding dress first then find suitable shoes. The reason for this is, the color, the style and other little details of your wedding dress should be consistent with your wedding shoes. You will need to consider how high you want your heels to be, to … Continue reading 5 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Shoes

6 Shoes Every Lady Should Own

Every lady needs nice shoes to conquer her world. Wear a fancy and expensive shoe and walk into any gathering with confidence. 1. Comfortable Work Shoes Looking good to work is good business but being comfortable is better business. Block heels, Slingback heels, Point toes, these are some of the styles for work.     2. After-work Shoes Doesn’t necessarily have to be wedges but face it, a beautiful pair of wedges will take you places.     3. Shoes for that Special Occasion I know you want to be the center of attention at any gathering; high heels doesn’t … Continue reading 6 Shoes Every Lady Should Own