6 Shoes Every Lady Should Own

Every lady needs nice shoes to conquer her world. Wear a fancy and expensive shoe and walk into any gathering with confidence.

1. Comfortable Work Shoes
Looking good to work is good business but being comfortable is better business. Block heels, Slingback heels, Point toes, these are some of the styles for work.


by Dexflex


2. After-work Shoes
Doesn’t necessarily have to be wedges but face it, a beautiful pair of wedges will take you places.


by Anne Klein


3. Shoes for that Special Occasion
I know you want to be the center of attention at any gathering; high heels doesn’t just make you taller, it increases your confidence. And who doesn’t like weddings in this Nigeria?


by Badgley Mischka


4. Beautiful Flat Sandals
Sandals are a MUST have. You can rock them any time of the day, especially with the all-round summer weather we are blessed with in Nigeria. You absolutely have to have a nice pair of sandals.


by Aerosoles


5. Running shoes

A good workout requires comfortable running shoes. Its hard enough that you have to wake up early to workout, keep fit and all that fancy stuff but even harder when your shoes hurt and you got blisters all over.


by Champion


6. Beautiful Pair of Loafers or Flats
That favorite pair of loafers that will go with almost any kind of dressing,


So which of these shoes are you yet to own?

It is high time you shop for 1 or all of these shoes and add to your collections.

Click the link to shop from a variety of beautiful shoes in shoes sizes up to US 13WW.

Webstore: http://www.Ohmashoes.com



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