5 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Shoes

Your big day is approaching and you’ve been thinking of the best wedding shoes to buy. You have browsed everywhere online to see different styles and probably found some selections you might be interested in, but there are things you should consider before buying your wedding shoes.

Your Wedding Dress: You’d want to buy your wedding dress first then find suitable shoes. The reason for this is, the color, the style and other little details of your wedding dress should be consistent with your wedding shoes. You will need to consider how high you want your heels to be, to fit the length of your dress. This will translate to how much of the shoes you want exposed under your dress.

Extreme Comfort: This should be the most important thing to consider because we all know how much dancing involved in our 9ja weddings. You walk down the aisle, you dance in on your engagement, you dance after the ceremony, you dance in for the reception, your first dance, you dance dance dance. Your shoes most definitely have to be comfortable. Once you receive your shoes, try them and make sure they are comfortable enough. If you aren’t used to high heels, try a shorter heel. Your wedding day is not the day to try out/start wearing heels. You need all the comfort you could get. You can also get shoe insoles and cushions to provide that extra comfort inside the shoes. So if comfort is what you are really looking for, click here http://www.ohmashoes.com/Shoe-Accessories. Oh! Don’t forget comfy sandals/slippers for later in the day on the dance floor too.

Wedding Shoes

Bride and Groom Wedding Shoes

The Wedding Venue: Is the venue tiled? Are the floors slippery? Is your reception outdoors, in a grassy area? Is your wedding during the rainy season? These are some of the other things you should consider before buying your wedding shoes. If you are going to be outdoors and it’s a raining season, don’t buy a tiny heels to prevent your shoes from digging the ground. And if the floors appear to be slippery, get some anti-slippery patches for the bottom of your shoes from http://www.Ohmashoes.com/Shoe-Accessories

Great Quality: It will be the worst day of your life if your wedding shoes get damaged/broken on the best day of your life. Think quality whenever you think of your wedding shoes. Your wedding will happen once in your lifetime, you are buying your wedding shoes once in a lifetime so make sure you buy quality shoe and of course beautiful. Click here to browse beautiful and quality wedding shoes http://www.ohmashoes.com/Weddings

Time frame: This can as well be the first factor. Don’t buy your wedding shoes too early but dont buy them too late either. Give yourself enough time to shop around and look for different styles from magazines, from IG post, online etc. Also, give yourself enough time to receive your shoes, try it on to make sure the size and fit is right.
So with all these factors in mind, go shopping for that fancy pair of shoes on http://www.Ohmashoes.com/Weddings

Happy Shopping!


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