The must-have shoe accessories this raining season

Raining season is approaching in some states, while other states have had its own share of the drizzling or heavy down pour. I know how hard it can be for our shoes lovers, you want to wear those beautiful leather stilettos and those workout sneakers but there are so many problems with wearing a decent shoe this season. From the terrible damp smell, to the actual damage to your shoes, most times you are left with no other choice but to walk bare footed in muddy water when caught unaware by the rain.
The good news is…….. there are shoe accessories that can help you protect your shoes, and if you don’t already have them, you need to.

Heel protector

They are life saver for heels. You know how embarrassing it is when your heels sink into the grass or mud, heel protector will help to prevent all that, they also make your heels last longer. Here is where you can get them from in Nigeria

Wellies/Rain shoes

If you ever want to walk in the rain without blinking because of your shoes, consider some wellies. There are so many fancy styles on our website, click here.


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